Stomach/Ryles Tube

Product Feature
  • Made from Medical Grade Non-Toxic PVC compound
  • X-ray opaque line and smooth rounded X-ray opaque tip
  • Colored connectors reference to FG (CH) sizes
  • Four (4) lateral eyes
  • Tubing length at 120cm with markings at 50, 60, 70cm
  • Size 6 Tubing length at 90cm with markings at 30, 40, 50cm
  • Available pre-lubricated, add water to activate gel
  • Individually packed, sterilized by E.T.O
DescriptionProduct Code
FG 6 Stomach/Ryles TubeCM-RT90-06
FG 8 Stomach/Ryles TubeCM-RT90-08
FG 10 Stomach/Ryles TubeCM-RT120-10
FG 12 Stomach/Ryles TubeCM-RT120-12
FG 14 Stomach/Ryles TubeCM-RT120-14
FG 16 Stomach/Ryles TubeCM-RT120-16
FG 18 Stomach/Ryles TubeCM-RT120-18
Gel Coated FG 6 Stomach/Ryles TubeCM-RT90-06-G
Gel Coated FG 8 Stomach/Ryles TubeCM-RT90-08-G
Gel Coated FG 10 Stomach/Ryles TubeCM-RT120-10-G
Gel Coated FG 12 Stomach/Ryles TubeCM-RT120-12-G
Gel Coated FG 14 Stomach/Ryles TubeCM-RT120-14-G
Gel Coated FG 16 Stomach/Ryles TubeCM-RT120-16-G
Gel Coated FG 18 Stomach/Ryles TubeCM-RT120-18-G
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