Thoracic Catheter

Product Feature
  • Made from Medical Grade Non-Toxic PVC compound
  • X-ray opaque line and X-ray opaque tip
  • Smooth rounded tip for atraumatic insertion
  • Three (3) lateral eyes
  • Tubing length 30cm
  • Markings at 2cm interval, 8cm from the tip
  • Comes with universal Male connector
  • Anodized aluminum trocar
  • E.T.O. (Ethylene Trioxide) sterile
DescriptionProduct Code
Throracic Catheter with trocar FG28CM-TC-28
Throracic Catheter with trocar FG32CM-TC-32
Throracic Catheter without trocar FG28CM-TC-28-C
Throracic Catheter without trocar FG32CM-TC-32-C
Download Suction Throracic Catheter Catalogue